Minneriya Tank

King Mahasena built a dam across the Minneriya River to construct Minneriya Wewa. It is considered a historical event.
According to the Pujavaliya a chronicle “The service of yaksha tribe (demons) was obtained to build Mineriya Tank”.

According to chronicles King Parakramabahu also put his effort to rehabilitate and to develop the tank.

There were many British officials who made records of Minneriya and Sir Henry Ward, Major Forbes and Sir Emerson Tennant were recognized among them.

The Governor Henry Ward once mentioned Minneriya Wewa is a successful creation to avoid seasonal variations and natural hardships face by the people in the area. There is a colourful fabric of folklore woven around Minneriya Wewa. The most articulate one was that King Mahasena venerated as a deity “Minneri Deyyo” by the people to show their gratitude to the King who helped them tremendously by building many irrigation works including Minneriya. There is a shrine devoted to King Mahasena on the tank bound.

Minneriya receives Mahaweli water through Elahera Giant Canal. There were rehabilitation work carried out in 1903 and 1953 to increase the capacity to the tank. Minneriya is a place with unique beauty.

Charateristics of Minneriya Wewa



Length of Dam

2320 m

Height of Dam

20.4 m


135.8 mcm

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